Taking care of the places we paddle

OP members who are interested in being stewards of our local waterways, shorelines, and access points are encouraged to join the Stewardship group. To a large degree, the members of the group create their own activities and work together to maintain the environmental health of our resources. There are many types of activities these stewards may choose to participate in, such as stream cleanups, river access improvements, and management of invasive species.

The Stewardship group will also have one ongoing task – the weekly monitoring and upkeep of the Penobscot River Paddling Trail campsite on river right about a mile below the Union Street boat ramp. This will be a new campsite, and its stewardship needs will be determined for the first time this season in collaboration with the River Trail people.

If you are interested in participating in this group please email us and also indicate your interest on your membership form.