Orson Island

Put-in/Take-out:  North 4th Street Boat Launch, Old Town






Distance:  8.1 miles.

Known Hazards:  There are few hazards.  A few deadhead logs, some shallow rocks. In the spring, at high water, the narrow section between Orson and Indian Islands has a very strong current, encouraging some to paddle the loop clockwise to paddle this section with the current.

Paddle counter clockwise for more down-stream paddling, or clockwise for a better workout.

Access also to the Penobscot main channel to the north, Birch and Pushaw Streams.












Personal Records

Chip Loring/Rod McLain, Proboat: 1:06:00

Hannah Rubin/Eric Gallandt, JD Cruiz: 1:22:41

Eric Gallandt, C-1 Marathon: 1:24:16


(email your times to eric.gallandt@gmail.com)