Hirundo Wildlife Refuge and Pushaw Stream

Nice flatwater paddling.

Easy and convenient access to Pushaw Stream from Gate 3 on Rt. 43.

Upstream to Pushaw Lake; downstream offers access to Dead Stream.  There is a section of whitewater between the Hirundo Gate 1 facilities, starting with an old fishing weir, and ending at the Twin Bridges where Pushaw Stream again crosses Rt. 43.

More information about the Hirundo Wildlife Refuge and their nonprofit activities is available at their website, here.

Gate 3 access is shown below.

Pushaw Stream is accessible from either the Twin Bridges crossing on Rt. 43, where you can paddle downstream the Stillwater River, or the Bennoch Rd., Rt. 16 crossing just north of Rt. 43 and the Old Town Trading Post.  This stretch is one of the first to open in the spring, and is a great flatwater training workout, about 2:15 round-trip from one access point to the other.